Yuki Nagae

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Yuki Nagae is a poet who explores the possibilities of expanding the realm of poetry to the physical and virtual space. She was influenced by the Lithuanian poet and filmmaker Jonas Mekas and maintains strong ties with the Lithuanian literary scene.

Milena-Michiko Flašar is an Austrian-Japanese author, who writes about Japanese social phenomenona, such as hikkikomori or kodokushi in German language. In the interview, she traces her life between the two cultures from her childhood days to the present.

Tettyo Saito is a Japanese author, who made his literary debut in Romanian language. Despite the fact that he has never been to Romania so far, he is deeply engaged with the Romanian literary scene. His upcoming challenge is mastering the Luxembourgish language.

Tomomi Splisgart is a Japanese lecturer, writer and author based in Gdańsk, Poland. She specializes in children’s literature. In the interview, she speaks about her long-year fascination with Polish children’s literature and her involvement with the Polish literary scene.